Angela Hennessy

Still Life Paintings


1953 Born in Portsmouth, England
1971 Relocated to Hanover, Germany
1976-1983 College of Art Hanover and University of Art Brunswick, Germany
1985-1993 Resident of Tokyo, Japan
1995 Artist in residence and exhibition in Shuhocho, Yamaguchi, Japan
2003 Resident of Washington, D.C. USA
Ateliers in Hanover, Germany and Bethesda, MD, USA
Exhibitions (Selection)
1995 "Broads Boards" Bristol, England
1996 Town Hall Gallery Shuhocho, Yamaguchi, Japan (solo)
1997 Multiline International Frankfurt/Main (solo)
Kunstverein Lübbecke (solo)
Gallery Shin Hiroshima, Japan
1998 Dresdner Bank Hildesheim (solo)
"New Women's Art Works" Crowncourt Buildings Bristol, England
1999 "Come Hell or High Water" Cornwall, England
Gallery Neues Kreishaus, Hanover
2000 German Postal Center, Bonn (solo)
"Engel für Lüneburg" Gallery Casa /Avacon Lüneburg
2001 SEB Bank Hanover (solo)
Administrative Courts Hanover (solo)
2002  Kunstverein Hamlin (solo)
2003 Art Fair Innsbruck, Österreich (Galerie Böer)
Art Fair ART Köln (Galerie Böer)
2004 Open Studio exhibitions in Hanover und Bethesda (solo)
2005 Olympic Art Festival, European Union Building Washington, D.C. USA
2006 National Institutes Of Health (NIH) Bethesda, USA (solo)
2007 Rathner Museum, Bethesda, USA
2008 Joan Hisaoka Gallery, Washington, D.C. USA
Kunstforum Volksbank Hanover
2010 Bildungswerk ver.di in Lower Saxony e.V. Hanover
2011 "Women In The Arts" ARTROM Gallery, Rome, Italy

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