Angela Hennessy

Still Life Paintings



Several terms at the University of Hanover in North Germany studying English and German literature and language in an attempt to become "something sensible" taught me how pointless it was to try and ignore what I had always known was the real core of my being. I changed to art college, did a few terms at art university and, basically, have been happy ever since.

As far as possible, I paint every day and so my pictures have become a record of my life.

The eight years I spent in Japan have had a lasting influence on my work. All areas of traditional Japanese culture have elements of aesthetics, harmony, balance and space. My fascination with these, my love of everyday objects, Japanese and otherwise, and a parallel interest in abstract art developed into a style of painting which combined naturalistic and abstract elements. Objects became symbols. Symbols, colour and brushstrokes developed into my own, personal language.

Since living in the USA, I have travelled quite extensively and have explored, photographed and been awed by the beauty and grandeur of the landscapes of the west. Heaven and earth in those regions are beyond words but, hopefully, not beyond pictures. Driving through New Mexico, exploring Indian cliff dwellings and encountering adobe architecture "in the flesh" have also left me wondering and nagging myself about just how I can show others my feelings about all those magnificent landscapes and the tiny marks that humankind have made upon them.

Recently, I have also returned to one of my earlier great interests: namely, the human figure.

Angela Hennessy

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